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Are you Compliant with the New State Financial Disclosure Laws?

APR Calculator & Guide

Significant confusion surrounds the state-by-state MCA funding statutes, causing leading funders to question whether they want to create deals in specific states. The confusion directly relates to the statute, where there is contradictory and incomplete information concerning what specific documentation and calculations (APR or other) are required to properly complete a sales-based financing transaction.  As a result, even individuals well versed in MCA funding decline to provide guidance on the APR calculation.  This concern is well founded, as we have discovered that an APR for the same financing transaction can differ depending on the day of the week the disbursement is made and the first payment is scheduled.

If you have questions about the new disclosure law or are interested in obtaining the guide please contact us.

MCA Funder's APR Calculator & Disclosure Generator

Our MCA Calculator and Automated Disclosure Form Generator can create statute-compliant disclosures in less than 5 minutes,virtually eliminating the risk associated with disclosure typographical and formatting errors.

MCA Disclosure & APR Calculator

Our MCA Calculator is designed to calculate all required disclosure values and information needed for every state currently requiring a disclosure to the merchant prior to funding.  The Calculator requires only the financing transaction information (purchase price, factor rate, origination fee, merchant revenue and estimated number of payments) to generate a fully compliant disclosure.  


Automated State Disclosure Templates

We offer disclosure templates for each state, designed to interact directly with the APR Calculator to provide the forms required for each state's disclosure, and   meeting each state's content and formatting requirements. Our statue-compliant template forms use predefined input cells that automatically pull information from our APR Calculator, completing disclosure forms in minutes without ambiguity and ensuring you correctly make the required disclosures to the MERCHANT and BROKER. 


Manual State Disclosure Templates

For those funders who would prefer to perform the calculations autonomously, we also offer state-specific manual-edit template forms to ensure your MCA Disclosure form accurately represents the state requirements. End-users will be responsible for accurately generating the APR and filling out the forms accordingly.

Please contact us if you have questions about the disclosure laws or are interested in obtaining the APR Calculator & Disclosure Generator.

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