MCA Judgments & Debt Collection

We offer legal services designed to efficiently obtain your Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) judgment against a commercial debtor and guarantor.  Whether you are an MCA business or debt collection professional, we can help streamline your collection activity.

With the new limitations now in place for debt collection based on Confessions of Judgment (COJ), many in the MCA industry are forced to pursue judgment through summons & complaint.


In response to this industry change, we have implemented a flat-fee legal services platform to ensure that you know the cost of obtaining a judgment against a commercial debtor, before you begin the process.  Please contact us for a quote or our fee schedule.

Successor and Alter-Ego Legal Services

Is your debtor operating as a successor or alter-ego entity?  A common practice among commercial debtors is to hide incoming accounts receivable by transferring incoming assets to a new entity, often referred to as a "mere successor" or "alter-ego" entity.  We specialize in the drafting and filing of actions to obtain judgments against alter-ego entities.


If you are aware of an alter-ego entity or would like assistance in identifying one, please contact us for more information.  We offer fee-based legal services for obtaining judgments against alter-ego entities.  Please contact us for a quote or our fee schedule.